Surrealistic Sculptural Chess

A series of sculptures make up this curious surrealist Salvador Dalí chess set. Complete, with documents and the original 32 explanatory cards.
Original table board with Dalí 2004 artist's stamp from the collection "The Eye of the Time". This is a discontinued collection item since 2004.
Important: the lot includes a copy of the original documents explaining the "Dalinian" meaning of each of the pieces.
Gold and silver painted pieces:
Pawn: soft watches (The Persistence of Memory).
Tower: Galatea tower.
Horse: elephant with insect legs.
Bishop: Mae West room.
Queen: Gala dress mannequin.
King: Dalí typical outfit.
Board size: 33 x 33 x 3 cm.
Pieces size: from 5 to 9 cm.
Material: the pieces (silver and gold) are made of alloy with metallic appearance (polyresin and metal). Wooden board with metal top plaque.
Pieces and board in excellent condition.
The lot includes a copy of all the documents and the 32 original cards explaining each of the pieces.
Date: 2003 / 2004. 

550.00 €